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IEC 61174 / IEC PAS 61174

This standard is only recommended for exchanging route information with shipping vessels.

IEC (PAS) 61174

Full citation:

Maritime navigation and radiocommunication equipment and systems – Electronic chart display and information system (ECDIS) – Operational and performance requirements, methods of testing and required test results

This standard consists of several parts/revisions (listed here in chronological order):

  • IEC 61174:2015 (RTZ 1.0) - original standard
  • IEC PAS 61174:2021 (RTZ 1.2) - standard revision

Changes between IEC 61174:2015 and IEC PAS 61174:2021 are:

This PAS has been developed to improve interoperability between equipment implementing route plan exchange format by addressing issues uncovered in the original RTZ specification (Annex S of IEC 61174:2015), and in recognition of the fact that some manufacturers have identified a pressing business need to implement an improved and expanded version of the RTZ format.

Though not an international standard, IEC 61174 is an industry standard, defining both an information model and several encodings used by most equipment manufactures. These encodings are:

  • RTZ - Route Plan Exchange (XML encoding)
  • RTZP - RTZ Package (Zip archive encoding, containing an RTZ file and optional supporting assets)

BAS has purchased copies of these standards. BAS staff can contact MAGIC for more information.


Profiles are not used by this standard.


Vocabularies are not used by this standard.


Extensions are not currently supported for this standard.


The IEC 61174 standards family uses XSD schemas for checking records comply with the standard.

In addition, there are JSON Schemas for this standard for use in the BAS Metadata Library.

XSD schemas

The BAS Metadata Library can be used to validate records against these schemas.