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BAS Metadata Standards

This website documents the British Antarctic Survey (BAS)’</a> and the UK Polar Data Centre (PDC)’s compliance with various metadata standards, profiles and vocabularies for producing discovery level metadata.

This website is part of the BAS Metadata Standards project, which aims to:

  • document the metadata standards and vocabularies used by BAS and the UK PDC
  • improve our conformance to these standards and profiles
  • provide a location to host local schemas and other long-lived resources related to metadata

If you have been asked to provide metadata to the PDC as part of a data deposit, please see the Creating quality metadata for research data page in the main BAS website instead.

Metadata standards and profiles

The standards and profiles currently used by BAS and the UK PDC for discovery metadata are:

Standard/Profile Type Based On Version (Year) Format Description
ISO 19115:2003 Standard (abstract) None 1.0 (2003) N/A Conceptual model for describing geographic information
ISO 19115-2:2009 Standard Extension (abstract) ISO 19115:2003 1.0 (2009) N/A Extensions to ISO 19115:2003 conceptual model to describe acquisition and processing related concepts
ISO 19139:2007 Standard (encoding) ISO 19115:2003 1.0 (2007) XML Encodes the conceptual model defined by ISO 19115:2003 using XML
ISO 19139-2:2012 Standard Extension (encoding) ISO 19115-2:2009 1.0 (2012) XML Encodes the conceptual model defined by ISO 19115-2:2009 using XML
EU INSPIRE Profile ISO 19139-2:2009 1.3 XML Common standard for a common spatial data infrastructure across Europe
UK PDC Discovery Profile ISO 19139-2:2009 (INSPIRE) 2.0 XML UK PDC specific conventions and requirements

This list previously included the UK Gemini ISO 19115 profile, however this profile was removed as does not (currently) support ISO 19115-2.