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The European Union Infrastructure for spatial information in Europe (EU INSPIRE) profile builds upon the ISO 19115 standard.

BAS currently implements INSPIRE because it is the basis for the GEMINI profile, which is recommended by the UK Government. The GEMINI profile itself is not used however because it is not compatible with ISO 19115-2:2009.


The INSPIRE profile defines a number of code lists and vocabularies used for controlling terms such as limitations on public access types and topic categories.

Code lists for EU INSPIRE:



All records should be compliant with these conformance classes:

Relevant records should also be compliant with these conformance classes:

Note that the Metadata for interoperability conformance class requires a version for all data format elements. In cases where this isn’t known, INSPIRE does not support the conventional gco:nilReason attribute. Therefore it is acceptable to fail this conformance class.

When using the INSPIRE validator, change the schema location attribute (xsi:schemaLocation) to use an INSPIRE provided XSD for the namespace. This is a known limitation of the validator.

E.g. For a record starting:

<gmi:MI_Metadata xmlns:gmd="" ... xsi:schemaLocation=" ...">


<gmi:MI_Metadata xmlns:gmd="" ... xsi:schemaLocation=" ...">